Convict Coach helps reformed convicts find footing and become productive members of society again.

Our mission is to provide essential resources, guidance, and tools tailored to help reformed convicts navigate this crucial transition. WE believe in second chances and are dedicated to empowering individuals to rebuild their lives, secure meaningful employment, and reforge strong community connections — leaving an indelible mark on the society of tomorrow.

Convict Coach is a bridge to change in Oklahoma.


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Empower reformed convicts with entrepreneurial aspirations by providing them with the necessary guidance to successfully launch and sustain their own businesses.

Convict coach works in Oklahoma, overlooking Oklahoma City skyline.

We recognize the power of second chances and the inherent potential within everyone to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. Through the Convict Coach Blog, we invite you to explore a world of possibilities, to learn from the past, and to move confidently towards a brighter, more promising future. Let us be your guide as you discover your path forward, armed with knowledge, bolstered by support, and inspired by the countless stories of resilience and redemption.

Join us on this journey. Your new beginning starts here, with every post a step towards reclaiming your place in the world. Welcome to the Convict Coach Blog – where change begins with a single click.



Paving a Pathway to Renewed Purpose.

Guidance, mentorship, and empowerment: the pillars of Convict Coach. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every individual we assist is provided with the tools, resources, and support they need.

Convict Coach goes beyond traditional rehabilitation. We envision a world where every convict is given the opportunity to transform, innovate, and contribute positively to society. By intertwining mentorship with entrepreneurial teachings, we help individuals harness their passions, translating them into sustainable ventures that uplift both them and their communities.

Our mission is rooted in compassion, understanding, and action. We see potential where others might see a closed door. By fostering business acumen, nurturing community engagement, and providing unwavering support, Convict Coach seeks to illuminate a path forward, ensuring every participant can step into a brighter, more promising future.